• Using FOAM to breath new life into Truly Smart City Environments

    Inspired by our desire to enable citizens to live a more ubiquitously connected and safer life, meet the FOAM, a comprehensive platform that makes use of existing lighting infrastructure to wirelessly enable transformation of public spaces into Smart and Fully-Connected Environments.

    The Juganu Digital World platform aims to foster the development of smart cities by providing a comprehensive solution embedded in a smart lighting product.


    The Standard Tree of Technologies Approach = Diverse blend of non-fused technologies on a single pole (left image below)


    The FOAM Approach = Holistic end2end solution with perfectly fused sub-systems into a single intelligent fixture that simply replaces the existing lighting fixture on the pole (right image below)

    Smart City Challenges - The FOAM Solution enables any brown field (retrofit opportunity) to overcome a number of challenges that many of the current solutions are not able to overcome.

    Revolutionizing Incredible - From revolutionary and incredibly bright lighting that mimics the sun, to a connected platform, the FOAM digital platform utilizes the public lighting infrastructure and covers entire space with Lighting, Sensors, Communication and Artificial Intelligence edge compute, all in end2end holistic solution, having all components under the hood.

    Our approach transforms outdoor spaces into connected and safe locations and can even solve the challenges of combining outdoor Smart City and indoor Smart Retail.


    The FOAM is an Application Enabler with the flexibility to deliver numerous types of use-cases.

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