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    Curaco Carebidet

    An innovative automatic toileting system for bedridden patients

    Curaco literally means ‘the Care Company.’ The Carebidet is a reflection of both the name and the mission to be a trustworthy provider that offers inevitable healthcare solutions to the ageing society where a shortage of caregivers is a significant challenge.

    The Curaco Carebidet is the nursing care bidet (Automatic Toileting Aid System) for the bedridden. This ergonomically-designed bidet was created for people with limited mobility such as the elderly, disabled and patients restricted to bed or those with incontinence.

    When the Carebidet’s advanced, built-in sensors detect urine and/or feces, it automatically ‘flushes’ excrement away, rinses, and air-dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for the user without the need for disposable paper diapers.

    8 Immediate Benefits of the CareBidet

    1. Provides better care to the bedridden patient
    2. Improves the dignity of care of the bedridden patient
    3. Improved staff morale by allowing staff to focus on care versus cleaning
    4. Reduces costs
    • Cost of diapers alone @$1 each @ 6x per day is $2160 per year
    • Less sheet laundry because all of the excrement is taken to the respective tank within the CareBidet
    4. Reduces waste
    • 55%+ of waste in hospitals is from diapers
    5. Reduces staff labor
    • The average amount of time that it takes to care for a bedridden person is approx. 5 hours per day, and with the Carebidet, this could be reduced by 80%
    6. Greatly improves odor control
    • Less staff time in cleaning and disinfecting
    7. Reduces Urinary Track Infections (UTIs) and Legions from the bedridden person not being moved as often and staying to long in soiled diapers or bedding
    8 Adoption could easily show a positive impact on the environment because using the Carebidet helps to reduce the CO2 emissions from disposal of the soiled diapers
    • It also is not hard to believe that the Carebidet could be one of the first medical devices to qualify for ‘carbon credits’

    Curaco, Inc. is a progressive, forward-thinking company dedicated to the delivery of technology-enabled healthcare devices. Committed to improving the quality of life and promoting an overall sense of wellbeing, Curaco, Inc. is becoming a global leader in the senior care and home healthcare industry by providing compelling holistic solutions to an ageing society.


    Curaco, Inc.’s unceasing efforts for the past decade have pushed boundaries to attain unprecedented technological improvement for the Carebidet, satisfying the needs of each stakeholder with optimal functionality and easy to use interface.


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